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AuditTrail is designed to streamline CSEC audit routing by removing the need to print and route paper audits.  With its standardized routing matrices and instant email notification, it very effectively reduces routing time, eliminates lost audits, and increases visibility.

With features like the ability to add comments to each hit, add comments to the audit as a whole, simple rejection capability, and signature security, AuditTrail is the most efficient method of audit management.

The program was originally developed in MS Access 2000 in 2006 at (then AIMD Whidbey Island.)  Since then it's undergone extensive updates as Access versions have changed, features have been added, and to keep current with NMCI requirements.

A new installation will run for 60 days before requiring registration.  Only administrators will see the registration screen.  To register, simply click the Send Registration Request button and an email will be sent with your installation ID.  You will receive your registration code by return email.  You'll simply copy/paste (ctrl-c/ctrl-v) your code into the box and click Apply Registration Code.  This only needs to be done once and will not be affected by future upgrades.  AuditTrail will cease to function after 60 days if not registered.

As of 1 August 2016, an annual subscription fee will now be required before a registration key will be sent.  An ITPR and a quote will likely be needed to get authorization for funding. 


Features of AuditTrail include:

  • Paperless audits (Can still be printed if needed)
  • Electronic tracking
  • Instant audit location
  • Instant monitoring of NAMP routing deadlines
  • Permanent archival and instant retrieval
  • Email notifications during routing
  • Key Performance Indicator reports
  • NEW! Add supporting documents such as checklists as attachments
  • NEW! Schedule audits and get a tickler report


  • No more tracking down lost audits
  • Easy retrieval of previous audits to compare progress
  • Verifiable signatures
  • Overall reduced routing time
  • Awarded “Best Practice” recognition by AMI inspectors on multiple inspections

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