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In the event that your Admin permissions don't let you have all the access you need, these steps will manually grant you access.

Step-by-step guide

  1. If AuditTrail is open, close it
  2. Hold the shift key on your keyboard and double-click the shortcut on your desktop
  3. This will bypass AuditTrail's startup and present  you with a list of tables running down the left side of your screen


Don't click the Enable Content button.  Once you see the list of tables, you can release the shift key.

       4. Find the table titled 'tblUSERS' and doubleclick it to open it.  The tables are listed in alphabetical order so it's going to be right at the                     bottom of the list:

      5. Find your name in the table in the first column.

      6. Trace across and place checkmarks in the following blocks:





      7. Close everything by clicking the X in the upper right-hand corner of AuditTrail

          If it prompts you to save, go ahead and do so.

      8. Restart AuditTrail using the shortcut on your desktop

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