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Advanced, open-source, automated document routing and tracking.

What is Courier?

In short, it's AuditTrail's big brother.  All the features you're used to from AuditTrail:

  • Automated routing
  • Electronic route monitoring
  • Email notifications
  • Archives
  • Electronic signatures
  • and much more

With Courier, you're no longer limited to just routing CSEC audits.  With Courier, any electronic document can be routed with the click of a mouse!  No more lost requests, no more hunting down the last known location, see at a glance where your request is and how long it's been sitting there.

Someone in the chain of command on leave?  No problem, anyone can sign for them.  Need accountability for getting things through the chain of command and to their destination on time?  All that, and more is now at your fingertips.


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