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Q: Is Courier really open-source software?

A: Yes, the source code is shipped with the software - freely editable by anyone with expertise.

Q: Why is there a license fee if the software is freely available?

A: The modest license fee helps us fund continued development and continued support.  If you'd prefer to use the software without charge, consider joining the Bluejacket Partner Program.  See How Can We Help? for more details.

Q: Should we wait until the October release or is it safe to use AuditTrail the way it is?

A: You are absolutely assured that if you download AuditTrail today, you will be able to seamlessly upgrade to Courier when it's released - don't worry!

Q: Will Courier licenses be priced the same as AuditTrail?

A: Courier will be licensed in a modular fashion.  If you just want to use it for Audits, the price won't change.  If you want to use the new correspondence tracking, or any new features, there will be an additional license tier that will enable that for you.  As with AuditTrail, we will ship Courier, fully featured, for a time limited trial period - with no lock in.  That means you can use Courier without constraint during the trial period.  We've also extended the trial period from 60 to 90 days.  We think that should give your unit enough time to decide if its worthwhile or not.  We can grant extended trial periods upon request.

Q: If we participate in development of Courier, will we be able to get a discount on licensing?

A: As has always been the case, although not well promoted, units that actively participate  in the Bluejacket Partner Program will earn an extended semi-annual license - fully featured and supported.  We're eager to get your help and feedback.  See How Can We Help? for more information.

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