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Interested in lending a hand? Want early access to Courier releases? Want a FREE license for Courier and all it's features (including phone/email support)?  You're in the right spot!  We need your help.

The Bluejacket Partner Program

Take advantage of the Partner Program to earn your unit free usage of Courier (with support) in-perpetuity. All that is required is active participation in development and/or beta testing.  How much you contribute is up to you but the more you contribute, the faster development will be.  

What are the minimum participation requirements?

Simply contribute to the project in any of the following ways:

  • Documentation
  • Detailed bug reporting*
  • Actively contribute source code**
  • Suggest features
  • Provide sample data sources such as CSEC, IMRL, ICRL, other tracking databases
  • Promote Courier to neighboring commands
  • Provide electronic document templates
  • Other substantive contributions

Doing any of the above will entitle your unit to a six month license, that you can renew as often as you like. By contributing, you can enjoy Courier completely free of charge - forever!  We intend to be very generous in this affair.  Please consider contributing, even if you think it's something small or insignificant.

*Detailed bug reporting: Courier already reports a significant amount of detail, should it run into a problem.  If the developers need more information than is automatically supplied, we will reach out individually.

**Should your AIRSpeed team or anyone else that is savvy enough to understand our development process wish to contribute source code, we will gladly accept source code contributions.  A qualifying source contribution can be as small as a bug fix, to as large as a new feature.  There is no minimum amount of source code required to qualify.  The only constraint is that the code must be consistent with our documented coding practices and released under a share-alike qualified license such as GPL, CC, Apache, etc.  

IMPORTANT: All contributions will immediately considered to be property of Bluejacket Software and redistributed as such.  However, proper credit will be given, both in appropriate areas in source code, as well as documentation.  

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