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titleAuditTrail is MOVING

AuditTrail is now hosted at Bluejacket Software

Please visit to find the downloads and updates. 

This site will remain up until all of the documentation has been migrated but downloads are no longer available here.

PLEASE email or call 480-427-0391 if for any reason you find trouble with getting to the downloads at the new location.

SANDIGITAL, will be closing down operations at the end of this year.  Not to worry, though - AuditTrail will continue to be supported and developed at it's new home: Bluejacket Software.  Some of you may remember that name as AuditTrail was originally developed there.  Several years ago SANDIGITAL acquired Bluejacket Software and brought AuditTrail along for the ride.  SANDIGIAL had a wider offering including Managed IT Services.  This past summer, the MSP division was shut down and now the software development division is being spun off and returned to it's original Bluejacket home.

Scott is heading up Bluejacket and will continue to support AuditTrail with no interruptions.  However, that does mean that during the transition, new issues and development have begun in earnest over at the new site.  This knowlegebase, along with the Jira issue tracking system are now static and will not receive updates.  All development and support will now be handled at the new location: 

The support email address ( will continue to work indefinitely but users should begin sending support inquiries to  The next version of AuditTrail (19.10.x) due to be released in October will have all of the links and support contact information updated.

Both companies will overlap operations until the transition is complete.  This website will then redirect users to the new location indefinitely.  This means that there will be a seamless handoff from SANDIGITAL, to Bluejacket.  The only thing users should keep in mind is that moving forward, all Support Agreements will be billed from Bluejacket, instead of SANDIGITAL. 

Effectively, SANDIGITAL is being rebranded as Bluejacket Software.  Beyond that, there will be no differences between what users are used to now, and what should be expected after the transition period is over.

The support number will not change: 480-427-0391.

Important links:

Bluejacket Software:

Development and support:



Why is this happening? 

Users have been reporting that finding this site to be a problem because of the unusual .tech suffix.  As a result, some users have not gotten the level of support we think they deserve.  Combined with our desire to open source AuditTrail and to use open source software ourselves, we are moving away from Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket and we are now using a much more integrated and streamlined tool set.

What is Courier and what will happen to AuditTrail?

AuditTrail began it's life back in 2006.  It's been rebuilt three times and has undergone many enhancements and upgrades over the years.  We've learned a lot about software architecture in those 13 years and have realized that we can do a better job of routing audits and building reliable software - better than the current codebase will allow.  Combine that with the ever increasing demand for a solution that will route more than just audits, we've decided that taking the best ideas from AuditTrail and combining them with new Test Driven Development, adding the ability to route ALL correspondence, it's clear that now is the time to reinvent AuditTrail.  The new project we've named Courier will soon replace AuditTrail.  We've chosen the name Courier as it more closely reflects the wider feature set.

AuditTrail will continue to be supported until everyone has successfully migrated to Courier.  Your current support agreements will remain in effect and will be applied to Courier.  However, aside from bugfixes, we've elected to feature-freeze AuditTrail to allow our developers to focus on getting Courier off the ground. 

Courier will have every feature current versions of AuditTrail have, but it will provide a platform for many other data sources, not just CSEC audits.

We're excited about the new projects we'll be building and look forward to serving for a very long time to come.

DOWNLOAD AuditTrail Today! (As of 28-Aug-2019, Downloads are now at )

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